December Professional Learning Archive

The December Monthly Learning Session for the SRSN focused on Clarity to Competency. This session provided by Dr. Michael McDowell with Core Collaborative, provided  an overview of the rigorous learning that underscores a Competency Based System. He provided:

  •  An overview of learning complexity. 
  • The core instructional, assessment, and learning habits that are required to meet rigorous learning expectations. 
  • The learner qualities or dispositions that enable students to leverage competency based education to be assessment capable learners. 

In addition, this session provided an overview of the organizational leadership that is necessary to engage and sustain a competency based learning approach in their schools and systems. 

Missouri educators are encouraged to check out this session and all of the outstanding professional learning sessions available from our Professional Learning page.

Additionally, Dr. Mike Fulton shared an overview of the progress being made with the Demonstration Waiver Project.  District leaders are encouraged to review the video which describes SDZ districts’ work around designing an alternative Annual Performance Report.  

The videos, slides and resources from this learning session can be found in the Professional Learning Archive 2023-24