Professional Learning

SRSN organizes Innovation Zones to support the work of moving to a competency-based learning (CBL) system. The Innovation Zones provide a space where public school educators, partners and stakeholders engage in high quality professional learning. That learning is used locally to support school improvement efforts, and statewide to inform system design. When possible we provide an archive of these sessions available to the public.

Explore Deeper Learning Pathways

Are you looking to take your Personalized Competency-based learning (PCBL) knowledge to the next level? Four deeper learning pathways are outlined on this page:

  1. Foundational Learning

  2. Curriculum and Instruction

  3. Assessment

  4. Leadership

Explore the 4 pathways and personalize your learning by identifying the topics that best meet your needs. For each topic, multiple sessions will be offered. When registering, you may select which sessions to join.

This is optional learning for SRSN participants. Personalized competency-based learning (PCBL) leadership teams, teachers, principals, coaches, and leaders are encouraged to explore these pathways.

Most of the sessions are virtual with just one in-person offering. For the virtual sessions, SRSN participants have the option to register and attend in real-time, or watch the recording after the event.

While the recordings will be available on-demand to anyone, only SRSN participants may register to participate in the live events.

Access the Archive

These recordings of virtual sessions are available to the public.

Monthly PL Sessions for All Zones

All three of the SRSN Innovation Zones come together the second Wednesday of each month to engage in using a personalized competency-based mindset to support learning design. A key feature of these sessions centers around assessment for learning and reimagining a state-wide assessment/accountability system. Participants engage with national and state experts, and share insights about their own practices.

Many of the videos and resources provided are excellent tools for building and district leaders striving to create quality professional learning experiences.

Learn with Bill Daggett

Dr. Bill Daggett leads 3 sessions:

  1. Creating a Culture to Restore Balance to Our Schools While Preparing Students for Their Future

  2. The Why, What & How for Transformational Redesign of Instruction and Assessment in the Nation’s Most Rapidly Improving Districts

  3. Preparing ALL Students to Be Career and Life Ready

Real-World Learning

Learn with national and state experts about Real-World Learning, including practical suggestions and solutions for integrating authentic experiences. Consider innovative ways to bring these types of opportunities to your districts, buildings and classrooms.

SDZ Showcase

Our Innovation Zone participants have been working hard. To celebrate this, we hosted a showcase of the work and progress each district has made during the 2023-24 school year. Access a sampling of some of the presentations in which participants highlight these 3 areas:

  • What has been learned since engaging in the SRSN opportunities?

  • What has been implemented or attempted based on the learning opportunities?

  • What are “next step” plans based on learning and initial implementation?