National Research Organization shows Interest in SRSN Work

The SRSN System Design Zone Districts, in collaboration with Marzano Research, engage in research intended to inform practice and policy. As part of this collaboration Dr. Christopher Wolfe from Marzano Research worked with SRSN team members to submit a paper to the American Educational Research Association. The paper, "Relating Interim Assessments to Summative Tests: An Evaluation of Interim-Summative Alignment in Missouri," has been accepted by the AERA. We want to thank and congratulate Dr. Wolfe along with Dr. Matt Goodman on this successful submission. AERA received more than 11,000 submissions this year.

The paper will be presented at the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on April 11-14. It has been placed in a Roundtable Session titled, “Using broad education indicators in a standards-based reform: How does it play out?” The AERA meeting offers a number of session formats to feature high quality research and scholarly work.