Updates from the Trailblazer Conference

The Missouri SRSN and DESE were invited to participate in a national conversation on innovative assessment and accountability design, Held June 6-8, 2023 in Denver, the conference engaged representatives from approximately 15 states and national organizations ranging from the Aurora Institute to the Hoover Institution. The focus was on identifying policy changes needed in federal and state assessment and accountability designs to support more meaningful, student focused approaches to learning. The ideas discussed reflected our conversation this past year; and, other states/national organizations are watching our work with great interest.

KnowledgeWorks asked that invited states bring a team of no more than 5 that would include: teacher(s), principal(s), superintendent(s) and those involved in statewide policy. Missouri team members were drawn from SDZ member districts. Attending were: Emily Difani (Middle School Teacher - Pattonville), Michelle Swierski (Elementary Principal - Liberty) Jeremy Brownfield (High School Principal - Ozark), David Schmitz (Superintendent-Lebanon) and Mike Fulton (Facilitator-SRSN).