Foundational Studies

Missouri's Foundational Studies

Missouri Educators are incredibly forward thinking and innovative. They have been in the process of rethinking the education state-wide assessment and accountability for over ten years. The Success-Ready Students Network (SRSN) was formed as a culmination of many years of research conducted by practitioners in the field in collaboration with representatives from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Below provides a timeline of the various studies conducted in Missouri.




Missouri is unique in having a field-led study design process to develop a new state assessment system. The Missouri Assessment Partnership (MOAP) took the initiative building a system from the learner up. The work in which Missouri Assessment Partnership (MOAP) engaged was as innovative in its conceptualization as those states who, during this same time period, pursued and were granted federal innovative assessment waivers.

In the Spring of 2022, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education commissioned the Success-Ready Students Work Group (SRSWG) to build upon all of these previous studies. The SRSWG framework and five recommendations focus on reimagining assessment and accountability systems through stakeholder engagement and through demonstrative practices from school districts engaged in Innovation Zones. The recommendations revolve around student learning being at the center and supported by a competency-based learning mindset. The essence of the SRSWG framework supports the expectation for every child to master and apply the knowledge, skills and dispositions they need to be high school, college, career and workplace ready. These five recommendations were presented to and supported by the State Board of Education.

Learning from the Success-Ready Students Work Group, Missouri Assessment Partnership (MOAP), previous studies in Missouri and work from other states helps to inform the current SRSN work. These previous studies are foundational in designing up a reimagined assessment, accreditation and accountability system for Missouri.